Print + Digital • English & Spanish • Grades 6-8+

Keep students on grade level with content knowledge while they master on-level literacy.

Provide access to middle/high school science and social studies content at two different reading levels.

  • Matching text pairs contain embedded support and motivational features.
  • High-interest content is written at on-grade and below-grade levels.
  • Standards-based topics develop content-area literacy skills.

Sample Science Text Pair:

The Nature of Life

For On-Level Readers

Text pairs have matching content, photographs, and design.

Sample Science Text Pair:

The Nature of Life

For Below-Level Readers

Bridges Edition appears on the cover. Pronunciations are provided, and the text is rewritten to an accessible level.

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  • Student text pairs—below grade and on grade—offer matching content, appealing visuals, and design features to help students access content and learn skills.
  • Text-Dependent Cards (social studies) and (science) for every title help students develop evidence-based answers.
  • Teacher’s Guides for every title provide 16 pages of explicit support for improving comprehension and analysis of complex text.

Science texts focus on technology, math, hands-on science, and everyday science.

Connections to math, technology, and other science topics extend student learning. Hands-on experiments and research help students apply science standards.

Science Theme Sets:

  • Life Science: Human Body (10 Titles)
  • Life Science: Earth’s Biosphere (8 Titles)
  • Life Science: Ecology (8 Titles)
  • Physical Science: Energy (10 Titles)
  • Physical Science: Forces and Motion (6 Titles)
  • Physical Science: Matter (8 Titles)
  • Earth Science: Earth’s Changing Surface (8 Titles)
  • Earth Science: Earth’s Waters (6 Titles)
  • Earth Science: Meteorology (8 Titles)
  • Earth Science: Earth and Space (6 Titles)
  • The Process of Science: Methods & Resources (6 Titles)

Social studies texts focus on personal perspective, historical perspective, and primary sources.

Information about real people—their thoughts and actions—helps students relate to the impact individuals can have on their world.

Social Studies Theme Sets:

  • Geography: World Geography (10 Titles)
  • History & Current Issues: Civics and Citizenship (10 Titles)
  • History & Systems: Economics (10 Titles)
  • History & Systems: Government (10 Titles)
  • U.S. History: A Changing Nation (8 Titles)
  • U.S. History: Becoming a World Power (6 Titles)
  • U.S. History: The Civil War (6 Titles)
  • U.S. History: The Colonies (6 Titles)
  • U.S. History: The Revolutionary War (6 Titles)
  • U.S. History: World War II (6 Titles)
  • World History & Geography: Ancient Cultures of the Americas (6 Titles)

Fully interactive and customizable eBooks engage students for digital or in-person instruction.

Digital texts provide opportunities for all students to experience deep, meaningful reading experiences.

  • Annotation tools empower students to highlight and underline text, add virtual sticky notes, and write in the margins, increasing comprehension and building the reading/writing connection.
  • eBooks feature audio narration accompanied by word-by-word highlighted text, to assist striving readers. 
  • Customizable pages enable teachers to embed videos, create graphic organizers, and track student progress.


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  1. Bridges: Causes of the Civil War - 6-Pack
    Bridges: Causes of the Civil War - 6-Pack WW-Y05969
    On April 12, 1861, rebel forces attacked federal troops at Fort Sumter, near Charleston, South Carolina. In the four years that followed, more than half a million Americans would die fighting one another. What brought the nation to this bloody and brutal Civil War? The answers may surprise you. Read this riveting account of the factors that led America close to the breaking point.
    Grade 5 - 9