Be a Reading STAR

Be a Reading STAR

Grades 2-6 • Genre-Based Intervention   

Help intervention students read, analyze, and respond to grade-level genre passages.

  • Delivers intervention for students 2 years below grade level
  • Improves students' understanding of the features and purposes of different genres
  • Exposes students to complex texts for close reading
  • Prepares students for new assessment question types

Flexible Pacing—Ideal for Intervention, Summer School, and Before- or After-School Programs

Each Grade-Level Set Includes:

Full-Color Consumable
My STAR Reader Student Book
(18 copies)

Explicit Teacher's Guide for Whole Group and Small Group

Assessment Book
(pre- and post-assessments, 2 interim assesments, 13 unit assessments)

My STAR Reader Student Book

  • On-level whole-group reads
  • Full-color texts
  • Graphic organizers that support close reading mini-lessons
  • Bridge and Accelerated Texts for small-group instruction
  • Vocabulary development
  • Independent workstations
  • Text evidence questions
  • Writing prompts
  • Teacher’s Guides include 13 units organized by genre, with read-aloud, whole-group, and small-group material for each unit.
  • Whole-group lessons model skills and strategies for close reading and finding text evidence.
  • Small-group lessons expose students to multiple texts for cross-text analysis.
  • Teacher's Guides contain a built-in "Step-Up" acceleration plan in small-group instruction.
  • Answer keys are provided in the Teacher's Guide for ease and efficiency.

Progress-Monitoring Assessments and Interim Assessments provide placement and exit opportunities.

  • Fresh reads assess student progress toward skill mastery.
  • Question types are modeled after new assessments.
  • Features such as tables, graphs, and images supplement the text.
  • Students are given writing opportunities based on text passages.

Unit Assessments

  • Two 30-minute sessions include select response items and one constructed response.

Progress-Monitoring Assessments

    • Progress Monitor 1 prior to Unit 1
    • Progress Monitor 2 & 3 every three or more units
    • Progress Monitor 4 at end of Unit 13

Download to learn more about Be a Reading STAR. 

Virtual Samples

Experience Be a Reading STAR with virtual samples of student texts and teacher support materials.

Product Tour Webinar
Learn more about Be a Reading STAR with an expert-led walkthrough of the program.

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