Upper Grades

Upper Grades

Help intermediate students improve reading and comprehension skills and learn to tackle complex text and make observations—considering interesting ideas and building confidence through text analysis.

Text Pairs


Grades 3-5

EFor intermediate students—access to content at a wide range of levels to improve nonfiction reading skills and comprehension of informational

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Grades 3-5

Differentiated science and social studies text pairs—on- and below-grade level, with identical text forms and graphic features

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PRIME Science and Social Studies

Grades 6-8+

Middle/High School content at on-grade and below-grade levels, with embedded support and motivational features

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Reader’s Theater


Grades K-6+

Scripts that bring classic literature and speeches to life and promote genre and author studies while developing deep comprehension and literary analysis to meet ELA standards—with roles that reflect diverse students’ reading abilities

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Classics: Famous People, Famous Words

Grades K-6+

Biography and drama linked to primary source documents—actively exploring diverse opinions and points of view and developing cross-text analysis and evidence-based answers

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Text Analysis

ACT Now!

Grades 3-8

Close reading and response tools from Literacy Experts Fisher & Frey—annotation of complex text, collaborative conversations, and writing to sources

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Text Connections with Poetry

Grades K-6

Text and poetry topic sets that teach reading and analysis of informational, opinion, and narrative fiction and nonfiction

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Readers’ & Writers’ Genre Workshop

Grades 3-6+

Genre-based text sets that build reading comprehension and writing fluency, with focus on text analysis and evidence-based responses

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Timely Resources


Wiley Blevins, Ed.D.


Jan Hasbrouck, Ph.D.

White Papers

Peter Afflerbach, Ph.D.

Funding Insight

Benchmark Education Guide to ESSER Funding

Expert Authors

Deborah Glaser, Ed.D.

Nancy Akhavan, Ed.D.

C.C. Bates, Ph.D.

Patty McGee, M.Ed.

Inspire students and grow comprehension skill with differentiated instruction focused on high-interest topics. Let us help you identify the best resources for your upper grade students.

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