Differentiation is easy with on- and below-grade-level text pairs for science and social studies.

Navigators for On-Level Readers

Bridges for Striving Readers

  • Access the same concepts and vocabulary at different reading levels.
  • Reference identical text forms and graphic features.
  • Rely on explicit support for teaching comprehension skills.

Differentiated text pairs feature matching content, photographs, and design.


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  1. Bridges: Advances in Genetics - 6-Pack
    Bridges: Advances in Genetics - 6-Pack WW-A98852
    Frogs, fruit flies, mushrooms—and even you—are the products of genes. Genes are the basic units of heredity that determine certain traits, such as eye or hair color. Genetics is the science that studies how genes operate. Some have nicknamed the past 100 years the Age of Genetics. In that time, scientists have identified new genes and mapped where those genes are located. They have applied that information in many ways. Genetics is a fast-moving science with far-reaching consequences. Learn how your world will change because of advances in this exciting scientific field.
    Grade 5