Top-quality Spanish resources support all models of dual language and bilingual education, reflecting our ongoing commitment to helping students achieve academic success while nurturing pathways to biliteracy.

Tools Are Comprehensive and Integrated


Bilingualism offers a wealth of cognitive, linguistic, and socio-cultural advantages that positively impact a student's life.

Early Learning

Engaging, age-appropriate texts that build content knowledge, literacy skills, and social-emotional competencies


Powerful literacy resources to help struggling students make sustained gains and achieve grade-level expectations

Foundational Skills

Tools that establish a solid foundation in spanish phonemic awareness, phonics, and word study

Content-Area Support

Unique resources to build literacy and improve academic vocabulary and content comprehension

Comprehensive Language Arts Programs

Parallel and equitable spanish and english programs that expand literacy and content knowledge

Cross-Linguistic Transfer

Foundational skills and vocabulary development to maximize transfer, language acquisition, and biliteracy

Texts for Close Reading

Explicit instruction and practice in annotating complex text from literacy experts Fisher & Frey

Acceso a textos complejos 3-5

Small Group & Independent Reading Books

Spanish texts with targeted teacher support that develop skilled reading, comprehension, and cross-text analysis

Cuentos clasicos K-3

Text Connections en Espanol K-6

Let us help you select the ideal resources to enhance Spanish language acquisition and literacy skills in your students.

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