The Knowledge-Based Literacy Solution
That Nurtures Growth and Success in All Students

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Print + Digital  |  English & Spanish

The Knowledge-Based Literacy Solution
That Nurtures Growth and Success in All Students

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Print + Digital  |  English & Spanish

About the Programs

Aligned with Science of Reading research, Benchmark Advance and Adelante are core language arts programs that provide a cohesive structure for the development of literacy skills and content knowledge.

Prestigious Awards. Proven Results.

Benchmark Advance supports high expectations and achievement for every learner. Validated by research and independent reviewers and used by students and teachers across the United States, the program provides the tools to nurture success.


Benchmark Advanced was named a 2024 SIIA CODiE Award Winner in the Best English Language Arts Solution for PK-8 category. CODiE Finalists represent the best products, services and people in the Education and Business Technology Industries.

Excellence in Equity Award

Best Literacy Solution

The American Consortium for Equity in Education named Benchmark Advance Best Literacy Solution, 2023.

Tech & Learning Award

Benchmark Advance and Benchmark Adelante were both Primary Education Award winners in Tech & Learning Best of 2022.

Third-Party Endorsements.

EdReports All-Green Rating

Using their newest version 1.5 Review Tools, independent, nonprofit curriculum reviewer EdReports rated Benchmark Advance ©2022 K–5 “green” in all three Gateways: Text Quality, Building Knowledge, and Usability.

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Nationwide, Students Using Benchmark Advance Showed 2.5x Growth in Proficiency

Sustained Gains Across Demographics, Including English Learners and Disadvantaged Students

4% 3% 2% 1% 0% 3.53% 1.39% ALL STUDENTS
4% 3% 2% 1% 0% 2.15% 0.87% ENGLISH LEARNERS
-0.22% 4% 3% 2% 1% 0% 3.92% 1.56% 0.26% 2.38% 0.33% 0.26% 3.74 % 0.75% 3.64% 0.11% SIZE OF DISTRICT 3.03% 2.24% 3.76% 2.42% Students Per District 1 to 599 600 to 1,199 1,200 to 2,499 2,500 to 4,999 5,000 to 9,999 10,000 to 24,999 25,000 Plus


1 to 599 600 to 1,199 1,200 to 2,499 2,500 to 4,999 5,000 to 9,999 10,000 to 24,999 25,000 Plus Students Per District 3.92% 0.26% 1.56% -0.22% 2.38% 0.33% 3.64% 0.11% 3.74% 0.75% 3.03% 2.24% 3.76% 2.42% 4% 3% 2% 1% 0% -1 %
Benchmark Education
Company (BEC) Districts
Non-BEC Districts

Grades 3–6 student results in California, Colorado, Michigan, and Minnesota Districts: Growth in percent of students reaching proficiency using Benchmark Advance vs. students using other instructional materials

Develop Strong Foundational Skills

Develop strong foundations for success through explicit, systematic, spiraled instruction linked to contextualized practice.

Purposeful Scope & Sequence

A clearly defined K–6 progression facilitates efficient mastery and transfer.

Explicit Teacher Modeling

Targeted and explicit modeling is provided for the teacher, including corrective feedback.

Daily Application of Decoding and Encoding

At least 50% of time is spent in application, where learning sticks and students show what they know.

Guide Practice with Spiral Review

Students put learning into practice immediately, with 4-6 weeks of formal review for newly introduced skills.

Embedded Multimodal/ Multisensory Learning

Resources support learning through senses beyond hearing and sight, helping students with conditions such as dyslexia.

Build Knowledge, Vocabulary & Perspectives

Build knowledge over time through vertically and standardsaligned units informed by the latest research into the Science of Reading, and that require learners to engage deeply with a topic. Knowledge-based social studies, science, and literary topics expand both general and academic vocabulary in support of reading, writing, and constructive conversation.

Read Engaging, Diverse Text Sets

Develop comprehension and critical thinking skills for analyzing complex texts.

Award-Winning Authentic Texts

Access authentic complex texts and the Authentic Voices Library, a 2022 Excellence in Equity Award winner.

Exploring Perspectives

Embedded instructional supports guide conversations on a range of topics.

Culturally Affirming Texts

Incorporate a wide range of student identities, languages, backgrounds, and abilities.

Knowledge- Building Texts

Expand knowledge and vocabulary in literary, science, and social studies topics.

Elevated Voices

Diverse experiences are represented throughout texts.

Civic Engagement & Leadership

Text topics expand to real-world applications.

Teach to Reach Each Learner

Ensure language and literacy development of English Learners through language objectives, differentiated point-of-use scaffolding, and high expectations. Intervention lessons provide targeted instruction around discrete skills. Formative and summative assessments provide valuable data for instructional next steps.

The bulk of the time in any given phonics lesson should be devoted to applying the skill to real reading and writing situations.

Aligned with the Science of Reading

The framework of Benchmark Advance reflects a comprehensive view of current and confirmed research into how children learn to read: the Science of Reading 360°. Scientific evidence from a spectrum of academic disciplines has informed the foundation of Benchmark Advance, as has the priority we place on integrated instruction and success for all learners.

Cross-Disciplinary Insight

From educational thought leaders to cognitive scientists, we value a spectrum of academic disciplines to develop our teaching and learning resources.

Evolutionary Research

Aware of ongoing advancements, we stay abreast of the latest validated studies to inform our product development plans.

All Learners' Needs

We foster inclusivity by addressing different types of learners in our instruction, ensuring members of all communities a path to success.

Integrated Learning

We teach reading, writing, speaking, and knowledge building purposefully—in context and in isolation—with comprehensive student empowerment at the heart of every instructional goal.

Wiley Blevins, Ed.D.
Silvia Dorta-Duque de Reyes, M.A.
Jeff Zwiers, Ed.D.
Patty McGee, M.Ed.
Adria Klein, Ph.D.
Peter Afflerbach, Ph.D.
Janet Williams, Ed.D.
Jorge Cuevas Antillón, M.Ed.
123 Andrés, Andrés Salguero and Christina Sanabria
Allison Briceño, Ed.D.
Michael Priestley, M.A.
Yanitzia Canetti, Ed.D.
René Boyer, Ed.D.
Sandra Ceja, M.A.
Andres pi Andreu, B.A.
Jill Kerper Mora, Ed.D.

Benchmark Advance encourages students to be active learners and collaborators. Students spiral through comprehension skills and strategies to prepare for high-stakes testing and lifelong learning.

Dual Language Implementation

Craft the perfect program for your classroom, with models based on best practices.

Biliteracy guides, instructional support, and customized professional development help educators confidently and effectively teach Spanish and English.

Biliteracy Guide

Instructional Guide reflects current biliteracy research and facilitates language allocation in dual language and bilingual classrooms.

Biliteracy Planner

Interactive Planners correlate to each week’s instruction and make it easy to preview texts and lessons and to plan collaboratively.

Standards-based instruction

is integrated within aligned units and lesson structures.

Parity of resources

in digital and print addresses key differences in languages and authentic literature.

Powerful technology

delivers multisensory experiences, eAssessments, and a multilingual glossary.

Dual language support

includes customized language and resource allocation training.

Sociocultural development

enables all students to feel comfortable, confident, and eager to learn.

Home–school connections

celebrate diversity and empower parents to support their children’s learning.

Proven Effectiveness

Students in districts using Benchmark Advance alone or with Adelante show significant growth in proficiency over districts not using the program(s).

4% 3% 2% 1% 0% 3.53% 2.95% 1.39% 3.72% Year-Over-Year Growth in Proficiency Based on State Test Administrations Growth in Percent of Students Reaching Proficiency
Non-BEC Districts
Benchmark Advance Only
Both Benchmark Advance and Adelante

Benchmark Education has taken the lead on the development of quality, standards-based, authentically written Spanish Language Arts materials. They have delivered in a very big way!

Program Guidance

Benchmark Advance Program Overview

Explore the Benchmark Advance curriculum, components, and authors.

Benchmark Advance Phonics Brochure

See the program’s explicit, systematic phonics and word study instruction, designed with Wiley Blevins.

Benchmark Adelante Program Overview

Learn about Benchmark Adelante curriculum, components, authors, and language and resource allocation.

Professional Development Brochure

Explore the powerful training and support from Benchmark Education’s expert team.

Benchmark Advance Writing Brochure

Understand how writing connects to reading as students engage in writing to texts and self-selected writing across text types.

Benchmark Advance Assessment Guide

View the comprehensive assessments and reports that help monitor progress and inform instruction.

eAssessment Reports

Transform your teaching with data that monitors progress, identifies growth opportunities, and informs instruction.

Connected Solutions Brochure

Address the needs of all your students by accessing resources that target support for diverse learning needs and seamlessly align to core instruction.


Research Foundations

Unravel the research behind the Benchmark Advance and Adelante programs to understand the expected outcomes of effective implementation.

Efficacy Report

See how the growth in proficiency for students using Benchmark Advance and Adelante is two and a half times as large as the growth in proficiency for students in districts using other programs.

ESSA Evidence

View Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Evidence Levels, plus details and comments, on eight studies where Benchmark Advance and Adelante programs were used.

Structured Literacy

Explore how Benchmark Advance aligns to the key tenets of structured literacy, including criteria from the IDA (International Dyslexia Association).


All texts are available as interactive eBooks with audio, live annotation, and zoom features.

Teachers can customize and assign eBooks and students can save and share their annotations and reviews within the Benchmark Universe™ Digital Platform.

ePocket Chart

An interactive version of a time-tested tool, with preloaded and customizable cards, plus drag-and-drop functionality.

Support foundational skills lessons with easy-to-use ePocket Charts that can be presented in class, shared among teachers, assigned to students, and saved for future use.


Unit openers, foundational skills clips, and social-emotional music videos make learning fun!

Engage students with videos that introduce units, make phonics fun, support writing, and develop social-emotional skills tied to unit topics.

Standards-Based Reporting

Powerful data for teachers and administrators provides a pathway for student success.

Monitor progress, identify growth opportunities, and inform instructional next steps with a variety of assessments and robust reports.

The quality of PD consultants used by Benchmark Education is unsurpassed. They are knowledgeable about best practices and product, yet they adapt to the individual needs of the district as well as the schools within the district.

Implementation I

  • Overview of resources
  • Comprehensive program training
  • On-Demand program training modules available 24/7

Implementation II

  • Follow-up review to enhance program understanding
  • Research, methodologies, and best practices to support the program
  • On-Demand program training modules available 24/7

Transformative ideas from education’s thought leaders are captured in stimulating multimedia courses, novice through advanced. Class topics cover critical subject matter—the Science of Reading, use of assessment to drive instruction, writing process, close reading, and teaching agency and independence, to name just a few, with trending topics receiving special ongoing attention.