Steps to Advance

Steps to Advance

Intervention Solutions

Print + Digital   |  Grades 2-6

Ensure Striving Readers access grade-level complex text

  • Builds vocabulary, language, reading comprehension, and content knowledge
  • Provides scaffolds to complex text to help students to become confident, on grade-level readers
  • Addresses key informational and literary reading goals
  • Aligns to Benchmark Advance Scope and Sequence

Gradual Steps Provide a Scaffold to Complex Text

Consumable interactive 

student books 

At three levels of scaffolding provide access to content-rich informational and literary texts Print and assignable e-book versions included.

  • Learner-centered approach provides for a gradual-release of scaffolds as students engage with increasingly complex text
  • Vertically aligned topic-based units integrate social studies, science, and literary texts that build knowledge within and across grade levels
  • Daily opportunities to practice and apply acquired skills across the language domains of reading, writing, listening, and speaking

120 vocabulary cards per grade

Help build  and reinforce vocabulary

  • 12 cards per unit
  • Supports vocabulary development, meaning making, and language practice

Program Guide 

Offers information for implementation including:

  • Program components
  • Skills and strategies
  • Assessments
  • Pacing options

Teacher Resource System 

Provides a clear, consistent, and effective approach to vocabulary and comprehension instruction.

  • Highly scaffolded reading instruction ‘steps up’ students to grade-level complex text every week
  • Focused instruction on priority skills and standards
  • Comprehension skills are taught, modeled, and practiced across multiple units.
  • Explicit instruction in vocabulary development and reading comprehension
  • Integrated Multilingual Learner Support
  • Constructive Conversation Prompts

120 print and digital 

vocabulary cards per grade 

Build understanding and proficiency with new vocabulary.

  • Detailed instructional routines
  • Quick Vocabulary Review
  • Extend Knowledge activities

Online assessments

Are formatted like standardized exams and provide teachers with progress-monitoring opportunities throughout the year. 

PDF assessment available on Benchmark Universe.

Pre/Post Assessments
Weekly Assessments
Unit Assessment
  • Weekly Assessments provides formative information to guide instruction


  • Unit Assessment measures student achievement with the vocabulary, skills, and strategies that have been taught in the unit


  • Use Pre/Post Assessment to monitor progress, inform instruction, and furnish entry and end-of-year results.


Unit videos 

Offer a high-interest, multimedia introduction to each unit of study.



The multilingual glossary 

Provides image support, definitions, and sample sentences for all explicitly taught words in the program. Words, definitions, and sample sentences are translated and read-aloud in 10 languages.



Home-Connection letters 

To caregivers summarizes the focus of each unit and ways to support learning at home. Each letter includes:


  • Selection Summaries
  • Reinforces Unit Vocabulary
  • Conversation Prompts

Fully interactive and customizable eBooks

Engage students for digital or in-person instruction and provide opportunities for all students to experience deep, meaningful reading experiences.

  • High quality, curated texts use science, social studies, literary  topics to build knowledge.
  • Texts and teacher support materials are organized through an easy-to-use filtering system, allowing users to find standard-specific resources instantly.
  • Customizable pages enable teachers to embed videos, create graphic organizers, and track student progress.
  • Annotation tools empower students to highlight and underline text, add virtual sticky notes, and write in margins, increasing comprehension and building the reading/writing connection.
  • eBooks feature audio narration accompanied by word-by-word highlighted text to assist striving readers.

Benchmark Phonics Intervention

Print + Digital  •  Grades K-5

Benchmark Phonics intervention provides phonics and phonological awareness instruction to students two or more years below grade-level expectations. It offers: 

  • Explicit and Systematic Phonics Instruction​
  • Built-In Review and Repetition Cycle​
  • Frequent Application to Reading and Writing
  • Regularly Builds Vocabulary and Content Knowledge 

Advance ALL

Print + Digital • Grades 2-6 

​Engaging topic sets feature scaffolds for literacy and language development that:


  • Align with each Steps to Advance units​
  • Provides an accelerated introduction to grade-level text​
  • Provide scaffolds to complex text​
  • Develop Language and comprehension


Download to learn more about Steps to Advance.

Virtual Samples

Access sample pages of student and teacher materials.

Product Webinar Tour

Learn more about Steps to Advance with an expert-led walkthrough of the program.

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