Why Choose Benchmark Education Company

Why Choose Benchmark Education?

and ESSA Evidence-Aligned

Third-party efficacy studies repeatedly and consistently indicate academic success in diverse socioeconomic settings with our programs.

Science of Reading-Informed Curriculum

In consultation with premier literacy experts, including Wiley Blevins, our ELA programs were designed specifically to address the latest reading research.

Multilingual Learners Prioritized for True Equity

English Learner support is highly customized, deeply integrated, and research based. We distinguish the needs of newcomers, long-term ELs, older ELs, and other learners.

Knowledge Building for Comprehension

All skills and strategies are taught in the service of knowledge building, comprehension, critical thinking and expression.

Unrivaled Commitment
to Student Representation

Our ELA programs incorporate a wider range of student identities, languages, backgrounds, and abilities than any other core or supplemental publisher.

Preeminence in Spanish Language Arts & Bilingual Education

We are the largest educational publisher of Spanish student texts in the world.

Unmatched Professional Development

We believe that support for teachers at every stage of implementation is an inextricable component of student success.