Benchmark Phonics

Benchmark Phonics

Print + Digital  •  Grades K-5

Explicit, systematic, multi-modal instruction brings phonics to life.

Welcome to Benchmark Phonics, the new phonics program designed by Wiley Blevins, Ed.D., for Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction—based on the latest Science of Reading research and the 7 Foundations of Strong Phonics Instruction!

Benchmark Phonics offers a structured literacy approach with an emphasis on application of learning to reading and writing—where the learning sticks—and unit topics designed for building vocabulary and content knowledge.

Benchmark Phonics provides:

  • 10 units of instruction — 15 lessons per unit for a total of 150 lessons per grade level

  • Daily lessons devoted to purposeful reading and writing

  • A shared scope and sequence and seamless integration with Benchmark Phonics Intervention (designed for Tier 3) and Benchmark Advance 
  • A robust review and repetition cycle that continually reviews previously learned skills and facilitates the learning of new skills
  • Built-In Differentiation for whole-group, small-group, and independent instruction
  • A powerful Teacher’s Resource System for each unit to support educators


  • A digital experience with an interactive student/teacher interface
  • Multi-modal manipulatives that provide a concrete foundation for student learning 
  • Language transfer and multilingual learner support

And much more!

Interactive resources and instruction for Benchmark Phonics are available at the digital learning portal, Benchmark Universe.

Watch this video for more Benchmark Phonics.

Developed with
Wiley Blevins, Ed.D.

Your print and digital student package includes:

  • Decodable Readers (Grades K and 1) that enable students to apply both new and previously taught skills
  • My Reading and Writing consumable student books (Grades K and 1) covering 10 units and featuring decodable texts, practice activities, and assessments
  • My Word Study consumable student books (Grades 2-5) covering 10 units and featuring wordlists, decodable practice texts, and assessments​
  • Online Word Study Resources handbook (Grade 2-5) for additional wordlists, decodable practice texts, and differentiated levels of support​
Decodable Reader
My Reading and Writing Consumable Student Book
My Word Study Consumable Student Book

Your print and digital Teacher’s Resource System includes:

  • 10 three-week units with teacher-friendly lessons
  • Whole-group and small-group instruction
  • A sequential scope and sequence that includes spiral review to build transfer and mastery
  • Integrated English Language Development instruction
  • Weekly cumulative assessments to provide easy checks for student mastery and/or decayed learning
  • Contrastive analysis in multiple languages
Teacher's Resource System, Grade 1, Unit 1
Teacher's Resource System, Grade 1
Sample Grade 1, Unit 3 Cumulative Assessment

Benchmark Phonics provides powerful support to students through a variety of manipulatives, including:

  • Write-On/Wipe-Off Phonics Workmats for use as Elkonin boxes, whiteboards for spelling and dictation, and more
  • Sound-Spelling Cards, in both display and instructional use sizes, to help students recognize different spelling patterns used to represent a single sound
  • Sound Wall Cards that enable students to see correct mouth positions when making sounds
  • High-Frequency Word Cards to help students build automaticity with words found in multiple texts
  • Letter Cards that enable students to build words in pocket charts or Elkonin boxes
  • Frieze Cards that use words and pictures to support students’ understanding and application of different phonics skills (Grades K and 1)
  • Picture Word Cards that introduce key words for a new sound (Grades K and 1)
Write-On/Wipe-Off Workmats
Sound-Spelling Cards
Sound Wall Cards
Letter Cards
Picture Word Cards

Benchmark Phonics delivers a fully digital experience, with everything you need just one click away. Your digital access includes:

  • Decodable eBooks aligned to unit topics
  • Interactive Learning Games and Videos for additional exposure and practice
  • A pre-populated ePocketChart with fully customizable interactive tools and practice activities
  • Take-Home Activities providing additional practice opportunities and ways to engage with caregivers at home
  • Articulation Videos that show students the correct mouth positions as they hear letter-sounds
  • The digital version of the Assessment & Screener Handbook*, which helps evaluate students’ reading rates, document their progress, and identify those needing additional, more intensive support
  • Digital Shared Readings and Poetry Books for additional shared reading lessons and practice (Grades K and 1)
  • And more!

*Print version sold separately

Decodable eBooks
Assessment & Screener Handbook
Digital Shared Readings and Poetry Books
Articulation Videos
Take-Home Activities
ePocket Chart


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