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Early Rising Readers

Developmentally appropriate content covering six key early childhood learning domains builds literacy skills and increases general knowledge.

Nursery Rhymes & Songs

Flip chart features 24 classics that develop phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, oral language vocabulary, and more.

Authentic Spanish
Leveled Texts

Familiar tales, beautifully illustrated, build comprehension skill in students' native language and pave the way for second-language reading.

Instant Workstations: Genre Studies with 30 Paired Passages

Passages paired with DOK questions promote cognitive development and a deeper understanding of different genre features.

100+ Growth Mindset Comments

Get instant access to supportive comments designed to develop resiliency in specific subject areas.

Meaningful Mini-Lessons & Practice: Comprehension

Increase students' text-dependent comprehension and scaffold them into complex texts.


Growth Mindset Is Foundational for SEL and Academic Learning

In a growth mindset, intelligence, ability, skill, and talent are capable of growth. With perseverance on a child’s part, and a teacher’s willingness to try new approaches, challenges can be experienced as opportunities. A growth mindset is especially valuable in working on SEL with children—topics such as managing emotions, teamwork, and problem-solving that focus on steps to progress rather than failure. Use the right words at the right time to develop essential resiliency in your young learners.

Teacher Tips

Empowering Growth Mindsets Through Home-School Connections
10 Tips for Fostering Social and Emotional Intelligence in Young Learners

Grab-and-Go Lesson

Alphabet & Phonics and Sight Words

Develop and strengthen key skills with concept-specific mini-lessons and 180+ activity pages for whole-group, small-group, partner, or independent time. Grades K-1.

Hands-On Phonics

Skill-based activity books with lessons and practice enhance phonics and literacy instruction, reinforcing phonemic awareness, sound/symbol relationships, and blending. Grades K-2.

Meaningful Mini-Lessons & Practice: Mathematics

All-in-one books build mathematics skills with instruction and practice to apply knowledge, plus assessments and answer keys to reveal achievements and areas for improvement. Grades 1-6.

Mathematics Intervention

Grade-level books offer 5-day mathematics intervention units with instruction for parents and teachers, 100+ practice activities for children, and end of unit assessments. Grades K-5.

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