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Dear Educator,

Why do Benchmark Education's PreK-12 programs stand apart?

Our award-winning print and digital solutions feature content-rich texts in English and Spanish; explicit instruction in close reading and analysis, genre, and cross-text study; and a wide array of differentiated resources that enable educators to target literacy intervention. Our powerful supplemental and core programs give diverse learners precisely the support they need to accelerate achievement.

Professional Development, a top priority for Benchmark Education since its founding over twenty years ago, can be customized for schools or districts, and has been demonstrated by scientific research studies to improve teacher effectiveness and help schools build essential capacity.

Many educational publishing companies say their literacy programs are the best, but our classroom-tested resources speak for themselves. Proven time and again in field research, our programs help boost reading proficiency under the new state standards. Since our inception in 1998, our mission has remained to provide classroom-tested solutions that help educators differentiate instruction and enable EVERY student to achieve success.


Tom Reycraft

Proven Effective in Independent, Scientifically Based Research Studies

K-6 students using Benchmark Education English and Spanish materials and Professional Development achieved significantly greater reading growth and "Proficient" scores than control groups.

Grade K students using Benchmark Education's program showed DRA-WA gains 35% higher than similar students using other literacy programs.

After using our programs, Gr. 3-5 boys scored above the State averages in % Proficient by 9, 15, and 17 percentage points. The prior year, only Gr.4 boys had outscored their statewide peers.

In a school receiving our long-term Professional Development, 10% more Title I students scored Proficient than the year before. Three demographically similar schools with the same curriculum but without our PD experienced decreases.