Early Learning

Early Learning

Accessible texts, engaging photos and illustrations, and interactive ebook editions captivate young learners as they develop early literacy skills. Specific instructional support is provided for every title.

Math Connections

Grades K-2

Lessons that combine math and literacy objectives to accelerate student learning—with real-world activities that make math meaningful

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Early Rising Readers

Grades PreK-K

Topic Sets that cover 10 classic themes across six learning domains, with robust instructional support

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Rising Readers

Grades PreK-1

120 nonfiction and fiction titles that develop reading and comprehension skills—with teaching tips and activities in each book

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Grades PreK-2

Explicit instruction that guides educators in building positive learning environments while introducing early literacy skills—research-based and culturally relevant

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Develop literacy and nurture social-emotional development in your early learners.

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