Early Rising Readers

Early Rising Readers

Print + Digital • English & Spanish 

Books for First-Time Readers

10 classic themes across six key learning domains build literacy skills and SEL intelligence.

  • Every domain contains a balance of nonfiction and fiction titles.
    Exceptional instructional materials provide specific lesson support for every title.
  • Family involvement components extend learning beyond the classroom.

Click here to view our equivalent Spanish series, ¡Vamos a leer!  

Each learning domain includes a lap book that introduces the domain and 30 leveled texts (a Level AA, a Level A, and a Level B in each of the ten themes):

  • Myself and My Family
  • My Five Senses
  • We Get Along
  • Weather
  • My Neighborhood
  • Animals
  • Safety
  • Transportation
  • Staying Healthy
  • Growing Things

Promote logical and abstract thinking with early math skills.

Creative Expression

Engage children in imaginative problem-solving.

Physical Development

Explore physical well-being through the body, senses, and health.


Encourage curiosity, exploration, and questioning about the world.

Social and Emotional Development

Build foundations for positive behavior and healthy relationships.

Social Studies

Develop self-identity and perspective through history and culture.

Before-, during-, and after-reading resources strengthen concepts of print, phonemic development, and text-dependent comprehension.

Early Rising Readers Includes:

  • Lap Books
  • Leveled Books
  • Print Take-Home Books
  • Downloadable Take-Home Books
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Activity Cards
  • Word List Cards

Fully interactive and customizable eBooks engage students for digital or in-person instruction.

Digital texts provide opportunities for all students to experience deep, meaningful reading experiences.

  • Annotation tools empower students to highlight and underline text, add virtual sticky notes, and write in the margins, increasing comprehension and building the reading/writing connection.
  • eBooks feature audio narration accompanied by word-by-word highlighted text to assist striving readers.
  • Customizable pages enable teachers to embed videos, create graphic organizers, and track student progress.


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