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As professional educators, it is imperative that we make decisions about the instruction we provide our students based on the best information available.

Why Are Assessments So Important?

Assessments are an essential resource for teachers to track and support growth and achievement in their students. They are key to providing students with the intervention that meets their individual needs in whole-group, small-group, and independent learning environments. The actionable data provided by assessments enables teachers to pinpoint skill gaps and determine how to teach, re-teach, and differentiate instruction most effectively, so that every student can succeed.

Digital Foundational Skills Assessment Grades K-6

Evaluate early literacy skills with time-saving digital recording to complete screening, progress monitor, and track student growth. Reports identify individual and small-group needs, enabling targeted instruction, while a data-driven Recommended Placement tool facilitates placement decisions. Included Assessments: Quick assessments Assessment, Quick Spelling Assessment, Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Assessment.

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Address the literacy needs of every student with actionable data that drive instruction.

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