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4,500+ eBooks to maximize your literacy instruction. 24/7 access to eBooks that are searchable across grades K-8, all content areas, and instructional needs.​

  • Access for all anytime, anywhere
  • Target small group instruction
  • Utilize embedded instructional materials
  • Increase home to school connection
  • Engage your learners with high interest texts

Customize your library and know that behind each eBook is the support you need to address the demands of the new reading, writing, and language standards.

New Releases
Foundational Skills
Knowledge Building Across Content Areas
English and Spanish Books
Grade or Lexile Level

Each book includes corresponding resources to support teacher instruction. 

  • The Teacher's Guide offers before, during, and after reading strategies organized in collapsible parts for teachers to use as needed.

  • Instructional guidance is included for striving readers, multilingual learners, and advanced readers.
  • Text Evidence Questions Cards provide opportunities for students to read, analyze, and answer questions by finding text evidence.

  • A variety of instructional suggestions and learning checks are built right into each book.

Our eBooks are thoughtfully designed to promote access for all students! Implement whole class, small group, or one on one independent learning with projectable and assignable formats.


Support different learning styles and needs with interactive tools such as authentic-voice audio narration with word-by word highlighted text and adjustable speed options.​

Increase student interest with a wide variety of topics that include highly engaging images, diagrams, and more.​

Differentiate instruction with features like the Zoom tool that enlarges any part of a book or the Window Shade that covers any part of the page until you're ready to reveal it. ​

Enhance the teaching and learning experience for both students and teachers!

  • Model close reading techniques and support student development of essential digital literacy skills.
  • Provide targeted feedback and engagement directly within the eBook, aiding students in understanding complex topics.  
  • Enable students to actively engage with text by highlighting, underlining, adding sticky notes, and writing in the margins to increase comprehension and strengthening the reading/writing connection.

eBooks are more than just read-aloud resources used in the classroom. Teachers can customize any book to enhance learning and they can share them with other teachers in your school or district!

Yes, teachers can assign books, but students can also explore them for independent reading! 

  • Listen to read-aloud audio recorded by a fluent reader. 
  • Respond to text through embedded text evidence questions and comprehension activities. 
  • Explore Fiction and Nonfiction titles in English and Spanish.
  • Promote 21st century skills by using search and filters to find texts aligned to topics, content areas, genre, and more.
  •  Access 24/7 via the Web or the Benchmark Universe Library app.

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