Benchmark Hello!

Benchmark Hello!

Print + Digital  •  Grades 3-5+

Survival Skills for Newcomers 

Support recently arrived students with need-to-know basics and fundamental English.

Introducing Benchmark Hello!, a groundbreaking new program designed expressly for Newcomers. Combining survival skills, English language development, and social-emotional learning, this powerful tool helps recent arrivals gain the experience, proficiency, and confidence to propel their language learning.

Benchmark Hello! provides:
  • 8 week-long units to develop oral language and vocabulary
  • Lessons that embrace primary language, prior knowledge, and cross-cultural understanding
  • Instruction focused on academic language and metacognitive
    socio-affective skills and strategies
  • Predictable routines, guided practice, and peer interactions
  • An explicit Teacher Resource System that includes teaching tips, differentiation tools, and Professional Development
  • Assessments to help monitor student progress
  • Engaging home–school connections
  • Rich digital resources for ongoing training

And much more!

Your student package includes 8 weekly consumable student books (print and digital) that provide:

  • Survival skills instruction to help Newcomer students adapt to U.S. routines and practices
  • 8 vocabulary card booklets that help Newcomers achieve a high-frequency vocabulary
  • Weekly projects that relate to the Newcomer experience and enable recent arrivals to connect with peers and practice social English
  • Graphic novel-like stories that provide visual support for language learning and model language structures
  • Home–school connection activities (in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and Russian) that encourage associations between home and school to bolster each student’s experience

Your Teacher Resource System (print and digital) includes:

  • Daily lessons supported by step-by-step instructional sequences and offering frequent application and practice
  • Differentiation tools, social-emotional learning, and culturally responsive Professional Development at point of use, making lessons inclusive for every student
  • Formative assessment opportunities with each lesson, allowing teachers to monitor language acquisition in real time
  • Summative pre/post-assessments that measure progress in four language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • 250 full-color, photo-illustrated vocabulary cards that provide comprehensible input and negotiation of meaning, organized to weekly topics
  • Weekly culminating activities that incorporate formative assessment, suggest additional reading and practice, and encourage family sharing of students’ learning goals

These robust materials support classroom and remote learning and integrate families through a vital communication channel.

  • Weekly videos build context for lessons with engaging sensory learning experiences that preview target vocabulary, model natural language, and promote oral language development.
  • Professional Learning videos provide educators with information and guidance to elevate their practice and propel their students to academic success.
  • Multi-lingual glossary provides translations of target vocabulary in 11 languages: English, Arabic, French, Haitian Creole, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu, and Vietnamese.
  • ePocket Chart teaches foundational skills; includes markers, images, letters, word parts, and high-frequency words; and enables teachers to build their own cards.
  • Family letters (in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and Russian) explain what students are working on in class each week, including topics, reading materials, and activities, with opportunities to extend lessons at home with family involvement.

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Experience Benchmark Hello! with virtual samples of student texts and teacher support materials.

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