Decodable Text

Decodable Text

In alignment with Science of Reading research, phonics instruction must follow a defined scope and sequence with ample review and repetition. At least 50% of a phonics lesson should be spent on applying a skill to reading and writing. It’s in the application that the learning sticks. Decodable texts are the critical application tool.”

—Wiley Blevins, Ed.M., Literacy Expert

Dynamite Decodables

Dynamite Decodables supports early literacy phonics instruction using humorous, knowledge building, and diverse texts with explicit and concise teacher support.

BEC Decodables

Authentic practice with phonics skills and high-frequency words through fiction and nonfiction titles on high-interest topics with familiar storylines  

Decodable Fluency Builders

High-quality phonics readers and Teacher Cards that include differentiation scaffolds and lesson plans to support and assist fluency development—the essential connection to comprehension

Grade 2 Decodable Passages

Sixty decodable passages for phonics and foundational skills applications in consumable format, allowing student annotations as they practice decoding—aligned to 10 knowledge-building topics

Lecturas decodificables Grado 2

Thirty four decodable passages for phonics & foundational skills applications in consumable format, allowing student annotations as they practice decoding- aligned to 10 knowledge-building topics.

BEC Mis Libritos de fonètica

Authentic practice in Spanish with phonics skills and sight words using fiction and nonfiction titles and methodology specific to Spanish literacy—including key literary, science, and social studies content

Professional Learning

The complex made simple: great teaching, presented visually and succinctly

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