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Easy-to-manage library collections allow you to differentiate instruction with age-appropriate titles that engage students as they develop literacy skills and content understanding.

  • Choose science, social studies, or math topics from content-rich books to build knowledge as you develop language and literacy skills.
  • Choose from fiction, nonfiction, informational text, narrative, or opinion/argument to develop close reading skills and the ability to contrast ideas across multiple text types.
  • Choose from poetry, memoir, biography, travelogues, essays, journals, myths and legends, how-to’s, fairy tales, pourquoi tales, fables, and more, to teach students to identify genres with new texts and beloved classics.
  • Choose Spanish language titles to increase understanding and analysis of complex Spanish text. An extensive array of levels, texts, and topics are available in both English and Spanish.

Libraries are organized to meet your instructional goals, and robust instructional support is included for every title.

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