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Theme Sets: Science and Social Studies

  • Improve nonfiction reading skills and comprehension of informational text.
  • Standards-based books provide access to a wide range of content.
  • Effective support helps you teach academic vocabulary and use of text features.

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  • Full-Color Books
  • Interactive E-Books
  • Text-Dependent Comprehension Question Cards
Disasters of Technology, Level W/60
Text-Dependent Comprehension Question Cards
  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Assessment Handbooks (informal)
  • Comprehension Strategy Assessment Books (formal)
  • Comprehension Power Tool Flip Chart Set
  • Overview & Informal Assessment Handbook
Teacher's Guides
Assessment Handbooks
Comprehension Strategy Assessment Books
Comprehension Power Tool Flip Chart Set
Comprehension Power Tool Flip Chart Set

Fully interactive and customizable eBooks engage students for digital or in-person instruction.

Digital texts provide opportunities for all students to experience deep, meaningful reading experiences.

  • Annotation tools empower students to highlight and underline text, add virtual sticky notes, and write in margins, increasing comprehension and building the reading/writing connection.
  • eBooks feature audio narration accompanied by word-by-word highlighted text to assist striving readers.
  • Customizable pages enable teachers to embed videos, create graphic organizers, and track student progress.


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  1. Animal Adventures - 6-Pack
    Animal Adventures - 6-Pack WW-A9876
    A dog named Baxter becomes a Hollywood star—for a while. A mother cat named Hero proves she’s worthy of her name. A young girl learns why the dolphin she loves must return to the open ocean. And a young boy’s close call on the African savanna changes how he sees the world. These four stories show some of the ways animals can make an important difference in all of our lives.
    Grade 5
  2. Bread and Roses - 6-Pack
    Bread and Roses - 6-Pack WW-A9884
    The year is 1915, and fourteen-year-old Bernadette Leahy has a job doing laundry for the wealthy Beaumont family. The Beaumonts’ daughter, Ginger, invites Bernadette to march in a parade to help women get the right to vote. Bernadette wants to go but is afraid that if she does, she’ll lose her job and be forced to return to her grueling life as a factory worker.
    Grade 5
  3. Space Exploration - 6-Pack
    Space Exploration - 6-Pack WW-A9825
    Since ancient times, people have looked to the skies. Telescopes allowed early explorers to map many stars and planets, but our knowledge of the universe expanded greatly with the development of spacecraft that could carry people into space. Read about the achievements of the early astronauts. Find out what we have learned from many space missions. And discover how new technologies will expand our space explorations even further.
    Grade 5