Informational and Literary Library

Informational and Literary Library

Diverse, Comprehensive, and Easy to Manage

  • Engaging informational and literary texts to develop literacy and content understanding
  • Extensive support for differentiated small-group instruction and close reading
  • Shelf-ready with a central checkout system for fast, easy use

Library Processing Services Available!

Assessment Toolkit includes formal assessment in grade-specific Comprehension Strategy Books, plus four Informal Assessment Books.

  • Pre-assess students to determine instructional need.
  • Post-assess to document level of comprehension.
  • Monitor progress with strategy-specific assessments.

Fidelity of Implementation Toolkit includes implementation and management handbooks for teachers, administrators, literacy coaches, and facilitators; flip charts targeting comprehension and text complexity; books for differentiating instruction; responsive prompts for metacognitive development; and more.

Tools include book display and poster storage boxes, library cards, book pockets, and book labels.

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