First-Time Readers

First-Time Readers

Print + Digital • English & Spanish

Leveled books across key learning domains build literacy skills, grade-level knowledge, and social-emotional intelligence.

  • Fiction and nonfiction
  • Real-world photos and illustrations
  • Family involvement components

Social-Emotional Development
Build foundations for positive behavior and healthy relationships.

Creative Expression
Engage children in imaginative problem-solving.

Promote logical and abstract thinking with early math skills.

Social Studies
Develop self-identity and perspective through history and culture.

Encourage curiosity, exploration, and questioning about the world.

Physical Development
Explore physical well-being through the body, senses, and health.

Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and Stories
Enjoy familiar tales that children personally connect with.

Substantial teacher support is provided for use before, during, and after reading.

Easy-to-use online tools make whole-group instruction come alive!

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