Reader's Theater

Reader’s Theater

Print + Digital • English & Spanish

Multi-leveled scripts include roles at a range of reading levels, so that mixed-ability groups can learn curriculum content and explore literature together.

Reader’s Theater invites PreK-Grade 8+ students to participate in learning that is both active and enjoyable, with parts to play at a range of reading levels, allowing diverse learners to strengthen comprehension and vocabulary, and improve literacy skills and content knowledge.

  • Literary Scripts: Folktales, myths, legends, and historical fiction become more accessible and meaningful.
  • Content-Area Scripts: Science, social studies, and math concepts come to life in scripts about key concepts and notable figures.
  • Grammar-Based Scripts: Innovative scripts make learning about grammar and word study both interesting and fun.
  • More Than Just a Script: Biographical and background information provide perspectives on authors and their eras.

Fully Digital—Ideal for Remote Learning

Audio scripts in eBook format include a range of dynamic features:

  • Words are highlighted as they are spoken so students can link printed text to spoken words.
  • Speed of the spoken text and highlighting is easily adjusted to meet the needs of individual learners.
  • Students can listen to the script being read and then turn off the audio when practicing and performing.

Integrate reading, writing, speaking, and listening in an authentic context!

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