Big Books

Big Books

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Colorful oversized books enable teachers to share and model the reading of fiction and nonfiction, and engage PreK-2 students in learning to write different types of genres:

  • Classic Fiction: Beautifully illustrated stories engage students in developing literacy skills and a love of reading.
  • Content Area: Students build understanding of nonfiction text and features, plus vocabulary and knowledge of key topics.
  • Genre: Interactive books engage young children in learning to read and write journals and other types of text.

eBook versions offer powerful instructional opportunities.

  • Words are highlighted as they are spoken so students can link printed text to spoken words.
  • The speed of the spoken text and highlighting can be adjusted to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Pop-out annotation columns enable students to write notes and respond to text in other ways.
  • Pop-up glossaries explain the meaning of academic language so it can be understood in context.

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