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Celebrate Rich and Diverse Voices and Identities
Represent is an exciting, forward-thinking new collection of 200+ fiction and nonfiction texts that promote multiple perspectives, critical thinking, and knowledge building.
  • Reach and raise every child with responsive teaching lessons.
  • Share authentic texts featuring underrepresented groups.
  • Build knowledge, vocabulary, and perspectives by aligning to science, social studies, and ELA topics.

Watch this video to see the full scope of what Represent offers.

Represent is created by a diverse team of acclaimed authors and illustrators who craft authentic texts that reflect own voices storytelling and feature underrepresented groups.

Greg Wood grew up with his parents’ tales of life in Indonesia.

Nabila Adani is an artist who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Taylor Michael is a fellow at Columbia University School of the Arts.

Chuck Gonzales is a writer and illustrator from South Dakota.

 Notable authors and illustrators include:

Students achieve more when they know more. Build knowledge, vocabulary, and perspectives over time.

  • 10 vertically aligned units of knowledge-based topics
  • 50% fiction and nonfiction titles
  • Represent aligns to science, social studies, and ELA standards to build knowledge and language in context within the reading block.
See all 200+ new titles from Represent, organized by knowledge strand.

Represent is organized by science, social studies, and literary topics.

Materials were thoughtfully designed to explore narratives that are not limited by implicit bias, and teacher tools include support pieces for anti-racism and creating global community members.


  • Teacher's Guides 
    Text-specific lesson plans include Essential Questions, Building Knowledge and Perspectives activities, language scaffolds, differentiation strategies, and book club resources.
  • Text Evidence Question Cards 
    Students will utilize higher-order thinking as they practice their close reading skills for fiction and nonfiction. All questions have identified DOK levels.
  • Content Activity Cards
    Inquiry projects are provided for each text, empowering students to take ownership of their learning and deepen science and social studies content knowledge.
  • Professional Learning
    Virtual and on-site professional learning options are available to support successful teaching and learning. 

Teacher's Guides

Text Evidence Question Cards

Content Cards

Fully interactive and customizable eBooks engage students for digital or in-person instruction.

Digital texts provide opportunities for all students to experience deep, meaningful reading experiences.

  • A library of 200+ interactive eBooks offers a wide variety of texts in English and Spanish
  • Annotation tools empower students to highlight and underline text, add virtual sticky notes, and write in the margins, increasing comprehension and building the reading/writing connection.
  • eBooks feature audio narration accompanied by word-by-word highlighted text, to assist striving readers. 
  • Customizable pages enable teachers to embed videos, create graphic organizers, and track student progress.
  • Google Integration is available.

Grade-Level Collections Include:

  • Complete Program
    • Grades K-2
    • Grades 3-5/3-6
    • Grades K-5/K-6
  • Grade-Level 6-Pack Sets (6-packs of each title in each grade)​
  • Grade-Level Single-Copy Sets (1 copy of each title in each grade)​
  • Individual Title 6-Pack Sets (6-packs of one title)


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Virtual Samples

Experience Represent with virtual samplers of student texts and accompanying teacher support materials.

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