Social Studies

Social Studies

Print + Digital · English & Spanish

Diverse middle school students can access grade-level social studies content through a unique combination of resources that develops and enhances comprehension of key topics:

  • Text Pairs: Matching books at two different reading levels provide facts, perspective, and writing prompts.
  • Small Group & Independent Reading Books: Students at a range of levels can learn about U.S. and world history, as well as geography.
  • Reader’s Theater: Unique scripts bring historic events, documents, and authors to life in the classroom or online.

eBooks with Digital Teaching Support

Benchmark Education’s middle school social studies books improve understanding of grade-level topics, and the same resources are also available in an eBook format with audio and a range of other features:

  • Pop-out annotation columns enable students to write notes and respond to text in other ways.
  • Pop-up glossaries explain the meaning of academic language so it can be understood in context.
  • Virtual sticky notes and other tools enable teachers and students to interact effectively online.
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