Reader's Theater: Classics

Reader's Theater: Classics

English & Spanish

Engage middle school students in active learning about classic literature and oratory.

Multi-leveled scripts have roles at a range of reading levels, enabling mixed-ability groups to learn together.

  • Practice and performance improve comprehension.
  • Scripts also serve as a basis for cross-text analysis.
  • Students use multiple modalities to extend learning.

Biographical and background information included with scripts provide helpful context and perspectives.

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  1. Frankenstein - 12-Pack
    Frankenstein - 12-Pack WW-A79424
    Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who uses technology to satisfy his ambitions, without considering the consequences of his actions. When he discovers the secret of life and reanimates a dead body, he is horrified by what he has created. His monster seeks understanding and sympathy—and then strikes out in revenge when he gets neither.
    Number Level 34 - 80
    Grade 5 - 9