Foundational Skills

Foundational Skills

Print + Digital • English & Spanish

Our Phonics Readers and Skill Bags arm you for targeted and effective instruction, providing the tools needed to build a strong foundation in phonemic awareness, phonics, and word study.

Decodable readers are a necessary instructional tool during phonics lessons, and Benchmark Education’s quality texts are designed with essential characteristics:

  1. Instructive
    A high percentage of words can be sounded out to develop mastery of basic phonics skills.
  2. Comprehensible
    Text is natural-sounding and includes common English sentence patterns.
  3. Engaging
    Stories are fun and informative—each worth reading, talking about, writing about, and rereading to develop fluency.

Our comprehensive phonics kits include assessments, student resources, and an array of instructional support materials. Kits are available for Beginning through Advanced Instruction, from phonological awareness to multisyllabic word-solving strategies.

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