Instruccion proactiva

Kit de recursos de Instrucción Proactiva

Centrada en el arendizaje del estudiante

Spanish • Grades K-5

Engaging, practical tools effectively support positive reading behaviors. 

Invaluable hands-on resources support student-centered teaching and learning.

Includes tools designed to:

  • Encourage student interaction
  • Support teacher observation
  • Enhance transfer
  • Improve teacher responsiveness

Watch this video to learn more about the parallel program in English.

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Click here to view our equivalent English language series, Responsive Teaching Toolkit.

The Complete Responsive Teaching Toolkit includes:

Personal Learning Goals Bookmarks promote students' mindfulness and learning engagement by allowing them to set goals independently, with peer coaches, and with teachers.

Personal Learning Goals Bookmarks for Readers
20+ Bookmarks per Grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-5
Personal Learning Goals Bookmarks 
20+ different bookmarks help students focus on their learning goals. 
Constructive Conversation Posters 

Constructive Conversation Posters and Cards reinforce the core skills of academic conversation: posing relevant ideas, clarifying and supporting ideas, and evaluating evidence.

  • Posters cue students with helpful visuals and language.
    Cards remind students of what it takes to co-construct ideas during a conversation.
Constructive Conversation Cards 

Peer Coaching Menus for Levels A-Z provide collaborative reader response activities for literary and informational texts. Activities incorporate speaking, listening, and writing in a reader's notebook.

Peer Coaching Menus 

The Complete Responsive Teaching Toolkit includes:

Bridge to Transfer flip charts keep students mindful of a strategy as they bridge from the mini-lesson to small­-group instruction and independent reading. Teachers may place the flip chart on the small-group table and/or in the independent reading area.

Bridge to Transfer for Small Group and Independent Reading 
Grade K-1, 2-3, and 4-5

Prompts & Tips for Reading Conferences provides strategies and prompts to support all teachers in holding productive and engaging student-centered conferencees.

Prompts & Tips for Reading Conference Grades K-5

Prompting Cards for Scaffolding Readers, developed by Debbie Whitt Jarzombek, provide gradual-release strategies to help teachers observe, monitor, and scaffold students' reading behaviors based on their instructional reading levels.

1 Card per Level for Levels A-C
2 Cards per Level for Levels D-M
2 Cards per Level for Levels N-P, Q-S, T-V, and W-Z

Prompting Cards

Bonus Teacher Support
Essential Professional Resources from Literacy Expert Dr. Adria Klein.

Whole-Group Reading Instruction answers the questions teachers have when working with the entire classroom.

Small-Group Reading Instruction focuses on the key questions teachers have when working with small groups.

Bridge to Transfer for Small Group and Independent Reading 

Responsive Teaching Principles and Practices

Bundle your Responsive Teaching Toolkits with targeted professional development modules.

Each module features:

  • Highly qualified trainers – experts in Responsive Teaching practice
  • Well-designed interactive sessions focused on the Responsive Teaching framework:
    • Professional Knowledge and Principles
    • Connecting with the Learner
    • Learning Environment
    • Cycle of Instruction

Also available are Customizable Responsive Teaching modules:

  • Delivered on-site or online
  • Scaled to your district or school needs

Available with purchase of any version of the Responsive Teaching Toolkit. Call the Benchmark Education PD department for a free quote or customized proposal: 1-877-236-2465
For more professional development titles, see our full PD Essentials line

Wiley Blevins, Ed.M., Literacy Consultant
Early reading specialist, Ed.M. from Harvard; taught elementary school in both the United States and South America

Jeff Zwiers, Ed. D.
Senior researcher at Stanford University; co-director of the Academic Language Development Network, focusing on accelerating students’ literacy, language, cognition, and conversation skills

Adria Klein, Ph.D.
Director of a center focused on early literacy intervention at Saint Mary’s College of California

Linda Hoyt, M.A.
Reading specialist, curriculum developer, Title I teacher, staff developer, and Title I District Coordinator

Debbie Whitt Jarzombek, M.Ed.
Educational consultant, literacy professional development specialist, and curriculum development leader

Peter Afflerbach, Ph.D. Professor of Reading in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership at the University of Maryland


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