Decodable Readers

Decodable Readers

Print + Digital • English & Spanish • Grades K-1

Practice phonics and high-frequency words in context while nurturing a love for reading.

  • Offers authentic practice with phonics skills and sight words through fiction and nonfiction titles
  • Includes familiar storylines to ensure ease of reading and empower young readers to feel self-reliant
  • Supports key literary, science, and social studies standards
  • Increases engagement through high-interest topics
  • Provides a variety of formats to fit any instructional model or budget

View our equivalent Spanish series, Libros decodificables.

Watch this video to see the full scope of what Decodable Readers offers.

“At least 50% of a phonics lesson should be spent on applying a skill to reading and writing. It’s in the application that the learning sticks. Decodable texts are the critical application tool.”

—Wiley Blevins, Ed.M.
Literacy Expert and Benchmark Education Consultant

Print books, take-home books, and eBooks are available as bundles or sold separately.

Engaging stories enable young readers to make continued progress and enjoy the process.

Fiction and nonfiction titles provide authentic, engaging practice with decodable text and sight words.

Our Large Selection of Decodable Readers:

Encourages students to "blend" and not guess unfamiliar words

  • Allows students to experience immediate success
  • Reinforces phonics skills taught in the classroom within the context of a story
  • Helps students make sense of phonics: we learn phonics in order to read fun books
  • Enables students to experience the joy of reading independently!
  • Builds confidence at lower levels with support from rebus images*

For more information on how literacy expert Wiley Blevins addresses rebus images and decodable readers, click here!

Wiley Blevins

Literacy Consultant and Principal Author, ILA 2019 Literacy Leadership Brief: Meeting the Challenges of Early Literacy Phonics Instruction

Instructive—A high percentage of words can be sounded out to develop mastery of basic phonics skills.

Comprehensible—Text is natural-sounding and includes common English sentence patterns.

Engaging—Stories are fun and informative, and worth reading, talking about, writing about, and rereading to develop fluency.

Take-Home Decodable Readers with Parent Guides

Take-home black-and-white Decodable Readers promote building phonics knowledge at home. An easy and affordable way to reinforce the home–school connection and support students beyond the classroom!

Parent guides offer ideas for before, during, and after reading to help students get the most from their Decodable Readers.

Decodable Readers eBooks

Access Decodable Readers eBooks on tablets, on desktops, or mobile through Benchmark Universe. A wide variety of tools including virtual sticky notes, annotations, and the ability to assign books helps engage students with virtual instruction.

 Scope and Sequence

See the systematic scope and sequence developed by Wiley Blevins.


Read decodables research and state criteria guidelines from Wiley Blevins


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Virtual Samples

Experience Decodable Readers with virtual samples of
student texts and teacher support materials.

Product Tour Webinar

Learn more about Decodable Readers
with an expert-led walkthrough of the program

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