ACT Now!

ACT Now!

English • Grades 3-8

Close Reading Resources in English and Spanish

Reading and Response Tools from Literacy Experts Fisher & Frey

  • Annotating complex text is explicitly taught and effectively practiced.
  • Collaborative conversations develop understanding and clarify thinking.
  • Writing to sources enables students to create evidence-based answers.

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Student Books guide collaborative practice that builds close reading skills.

Students read, annotate, and discuss the passages using text-based questions.

Teacher's Guides provide detailed instructional support for close reading of diverse genres.

Information about the texts and the close reading process helps you guide students.

Model Lessons Book helps you teach close reading skills and the use of text evidence in responses.

Annotation skills and symbols are taught, modeled, and practiced.

Analyses of prompts help students respond effectively.

“We are professors at San Diego State University in Educational Leadership and focus on policies and practices in literacy and school leadership. For over two decades, our work has been dedicated to the knowledge and skills of caring teachers and school leaders needed to help students attain their goals and aspirations. Our shared interests include instructional design, curriculum development, and professional learning. We are co-authors of articles and books on literacy and leadership, including This Is Balanced Literacy; The Teacher Clarity Playbook; PLC+: Better Decisions and Greater Impact by Design; Comprehension: The Thrill, Will, and Skill; and The Teacher Credibility and Collective Efficacy Playbook.


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Virtual Samples

Experience Act Now en with virtual samplers of student texts and accompanying teacher support materials.

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Learn more about ACT Now! with an expert-led walkthrough of the program.

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