Yanitzia Canetti Trade Book Libraries

Classroom Libraries and Read-Aloud Collections Curated by Yanitzia Canetti

Celebrate students' culture and language with authentic Spanish literature.
  • Enrich your bilingual and dual language classrooms.
  • Develop the primary language with authentic texts.
  • Engage students and promote self-confidence with books aligned to 10 Knowledge Strands.
Topics cover 10 Knowledge Strands:

Life Science

Character Matters

Government & Citizenship

Perspectives in Literature

Technology & Society

Themes Across Cultures

History, Culture & Geography

Earth Science


Physical Science

Due to publisher availability, there could be times when we must substitute a title in a collection. Substitutions are of the same reading and interest level, and have been specially selected by Yanitzia Canetti.

60 titles in each grade-level classroom library—six titles per topic/theme, in colorful and sturdy storage bins.

10 titles in each grade-level collection—one title per topic/theme, in a colorful and sturdy storage bin.

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