Math Connections

Math Connections

Print + Digital • Grades K-2

Connect math + literacy to increase student success

Welcome to Math Connections— the new text-based program that incorporates math concepts and problem-solving skills into reading and literacy instruction.

Authored by literacy expert Adria Klein, Math Connections focuses instruction on building academic vocabulary and math confidence inside of fun, accessible stories.

Count on Math Connections to:

  • Provide fun, standards-based, real-world texts and activities that make math engaging and relevant for students and help them develop problem-solving skills 
  • Focus on growing academic vocabulary in the math domain—an essential element for math success
  • Help accelerate learning growth in math and reading
  • Underscore the direct correlation between understanding of math vocabulary and positive reading test scores
  • Support English learners and striving readers
  • Offer assessment options for whole-group and small-group learning environments

Watch this video to see the full scope of what Math Connections offers.

  • 24 carefully crafted Student Books (print and digital) per grade — 72 in all
  • Books available in English and Spanish
  • Content aligns with math standards
  • Math topics include numbers, shapes, counting, measurement, time, and money
  • Equal focus on high-frequency words

Books available in English and Spanish

  • 24 supportive Teacher’s Guides (print and digital) per grade — 72 in all 

  • Detailed, standards-based lesson plans provide math background and reading supports

  • Extensions to writing and at-home activities reinforce learning

Digital-only Implementation Guide 

(in English and Spanish)

eBooks feature:


  • Annotation tools so students can highlight and underline text, add virtual sticky notes, and write in the margins, increasing comprehension
  • Audio narration, accompanied by word-by-word highlighted text, to assist striving readers
  • Customizable pages enabling teachers to embed videos, create graphic organizers, and track student progress.

Adria F. Klein, Ph.D.

Adria F. Klein is is the Director of the Comprehensive Literacy Center which is focused on literacy intervention at Saint Mary’s College of California. She is the former president of the California Reading Association and has served on International Literacy Association’s Board of Directors. Adria is the co-author of many professional books and articles, as well as children’s books. As a former math and literacy teacher, Adria has written about literacy and mathematics for over two decades.


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Read about the connection and relationship between learning to read and learning math.

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