Oral Reading Records Suite

Oral Reading Records Suite

Print + Digital • English & Spanish

Easy-to-use assessments with actionable data yield immediate results.
  • Record, track, and report on reading levels and behaviors.
  • Assess and monitor students’ progress across a gradient of text complexity.
  • Determine areas of instructional focus for small group in Spanish or English.
  • Content works with any Spanish or English reading program.
Digital features increase your efficiency!
  • Recording of student audio
  • Practice mode for new teachers
  • Real-time scoring
  • Automatic calculations
  • Fluency timer
  • Comprehension questions
  • Rubrics for fluency and reading behaviors
Unseen Texts and Reading Record Forms are provided in both digital and print formats. Pre-screener and level screeners are included, and teachers have the ability to capture the record digitally in its entirety.

Robust Reporting Suite Provides Data to Drive Instruction

Student-Level Progress Reports

  • Track student progress in Spanish and English.
  • See English and Spanish records on one chart.
  • See level, fluency, and accuracy.

Error Analysis Reports

  • Spot trends in error types over time.
  • Inform instructional next steps.

MSV Analysis Reports

  • Spot trends over time.
  • Set Spanish or English reading-level targets.
  • Drive small-group instruction.
  • Target reading strategy focus.
  • Compare performance from one record to the next.

Class Reports

  • Track class progress over time.
  • Spot growth opportunities.
  • Review reading-level targets.
  • Create groups based on level, fluency, and more.

School and District Reports

  • See grade-level performance over time.
  • Access district-level, class-level, and student-level reports.
  • Export and print data from reports.
  • Data inform instruction to meet biliteracy goals.

Student Grouping

  • Use data to create small groups for Spanish and English.
  • Plan small-group instruction.
  • Create customized assignments in Benchmark Universe.


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