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Nancy Young, Ed.D.

Nancy Young, Ed.D., is a longtime proponent of differentiated instruction and creator of ‘The Ladder of Reading & Writing’ infographic. A Canadian educator, Nancy has taught children with a wide range of learning challenges and needs. She provides professional development across Canada and internationally, focusing on instructional needs for dyslexia, ADHD, and students advanced in reading (AIR).

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Climbing The Ladder of Reading & Writing: Meeting the Needs of ALL Learners Professional Development Book

Climbing the Ladder of Reading & Writing provides a concise yet powerful overview of ways to address instructional challenges, leverage the science of reading, and improve outcomes for ALL students. Nancy Young and Jan Hasbrouck help you make sense of contemporary instruction with a guided tour of Nancy’s popular infographic: The Ladder of Reading & Writing.

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At the Reading Table with Striving Readers: Achieving Equity by Scaffolding Strengths Professional Development Book

When teachers are clear in their intentions during small-group instruction, all children can achieve. In this first of a three-book series addressing small-group instruction, Nancy Akhavan shares the precise instructional scaffolds striving readers need.

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