Informational Writing Mini Lessons: Your Go-To Guide for Flexible, High-Impact Instruction Professional Development Book

Everything You Need to Teach Informational Writing. This comprehensive resource provides more than 170 lessons for grades K–6 that simplify teaching. They cover: engagement and habits, idea generation and development, elaboration and revision techniques, grammar and conventions, as well as strategies to publish and present. Lessons are clear, explicit, and user-friendly with simple, customizable language. Designed with your busy schedule  in mind, each lesson includes:


•      The ideal genres for each strategy presented

•      Suggested developmental stages

•      Concise and explicit teaching language

•      Cross-references to other lessons for additional support

•      Scaffolding for clear differentiation

•      Teaching tips to support independence

Whether you have a robust writing workshop practice, consider yourself a novice, or are a content-area specialist looking to add more writing to your day, Informational Writing Mini-Lessons will breathe new life into your teaching to help you enhance, supplement, or build your curriculum. 

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Language English
ISBN 9781078698030