Giants of the Gilded Age - 6-Pack

The Gilded Age was a time of great wealth and poverty. Business barons became wealthy beyond their wildest imagination. Others dedicated their lives to helping the poor. Read about this era of contrasts and its lasting impact on American society.
  • 6 Books (6 copies each of 1 title)
  • Teacher's Guide (1 copy each of 1 Teacher's Guide)
  • Text Evidence Question Card (1 copy each of 1 Text Evidence Question Card)
SKU WW-Y30926
Grade 5
Language English
SKU WW-Y30926
Grade 5
Language English
Content Area Social Studies
ISBN 9781512596304
Genre Informational Texts
Format Print
Lexile level 950L - 960L
Configuration 6-Pack
Developmental Category Fluent