Reader's Theater

Reader’s Theater

"Reader's Theater is an authentic, entertaining, and educationally powerful way to read and communicate meaning. Reader's Theater yields improvements in students' word recognition, fluency, and comprehension."

Innovative and fun, Reader’s Theater builds knowledge, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary, and enriches core content and genre studies.

Proven-effective Reader’s Theater enriches literacy instruction through thoroughly engaging scripts for PreK through Grade 8+ that bring folk tales, myths, legends, notable authors, historical figures and events, and more to life. Each script features roles for students at a range of reading abilities, allowing mixed-ability groups to learn core curriculum content and explore literature together in an active, collaborative, and enjoyable way.

My First Reader’s Theater

Grades PreK-1

Develop young students’ literacy and content-area understanding with nonfiction choral-reading scripts that introduce science, social studies, and math topics. Teach early reading strategies and concepts about print, increase students’ sight words and other vocabulary, and link oral language to text as well as images.

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Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Grades K-2

Delight and instruct beginning readers with scripts based on classic rhymes and songs. Share the reading and fun while matching students’ emergent reading levels, developing their vocabulary in context, improving their fluency, and teaching them comprehension skills.

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Content-Area Concepts

Grades 1-6

Enhance content units with scripts that connect to standards, extend students’ knowledge and vocabulary, and reinforce their understanding of academic concepts in the areas of science, social studies, and math. Engage diverse students in learning about key topics.

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Folktales, Myths, and Legends

Grades 1-6

Enrich literature study with scripts based on traditional genres from around the world, including tall tales, folk tales, traditional and “fractured” fables and fairy tales, and myths and legends. Develop connections between literary forms while making complex text accessible to diverse learners.

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Word Plays

Grades 1-6

Turn ELA instruction into engaging, effective, and enjoyable experiences. Teach grammar, punctuation, word study, vocabulary, author’s craft, figurative language, and more with scripts that make the learning lively and fun.

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Grades 6+

Bring classic literature and speeches to life with scripts that promote genre and author studies while developing deep comprehension and literary analysis to meet ELA standards. Engage diverse students with roles written to reflect their reading abilities.

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Classics: Famous People, Famous Words

Grades 3-6+

Engage students in active learning about historic authors, documents, and events. Link biography and drama to primary source documents and actively explore diverse opinions and point of view, while developing cross-text analysis and evidence-based answers. 

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Grade-Level Collections

Grades K-6+

Access scripts from each individual Reader’s Theater series in collections organized by grade level for Grades K-6+, aligning to science, social studies, and ELA standards and modeling specific and different elements of fluency.

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The expressive reading of Reader’s Theater promotes fluency and positively affects all reading skills.

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