Anchor Comprehension Workshop Grade K-2 (A-M) Book & Poster Set with Online Subscription - 1 year

Anchor Comprehension Workshop Grade K-2 (A-M) Book & Poster Set with Online Subscription - 1 year


  • 1860 Leveled Books (6 copies of 310 titles)
  • 345 Teacher's Guides
  • 310 Comprehension Cards
  • 10 Assessments
  • 36 CTDR Power Tool Student Edition (Gr. K-2)
  • 6 CTDR Power Tool Teacher Edition (Gr. 3-8)
  • 68 Comprehension Posters
  • Professional Development Book
  • Program Support Document
  • 2 Program Support Documents
  • 5 Teacher Resources
  • Online Subscription (1 year)
Grade K - 2
Language English
Grade K - 2
Language English
Content Area Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
ISBN 9781532209277
Genre Animal Fantasy, Biography, Fables, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Fiction, Folktales, Historical Fiction, Informational/Explanatory, Informational Texts, Legends, Mystery, Personal Narratives, Procedural Text, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Tall Tales
Format Print + Online Subscription
Lexile level BR - BR80L
Configuration Reading Level/Range Set
Theme Addition and Subtraction, All About Me, Animal Adaptations, Animal Behavior, Animal Life Cycles, Animals, At Home At School, Being a Good Citizen, Biography, Career, Celebrations, Coins and Money, Communities, Comparing Numbers, Counting, Economics, Electricity and Magnetism, Estimation, Fairness and Equality, Families and Friends, Forces and Motion, Geography, Government and Citizenship, Habitats, How To, Human Body, Jobs, Learning About Earth's Past, Living and Nonliving Things, Living in Communities, Matter, Measuring, Money, Neighborhoods and Communities, Number Families, Numbers and Operations, Numbers in Real Life, One World, Many Cultures, Our Changing Earth, Our Environment, Our Physical World, Our Solar System, Past and Present, Patterns and Shapes, Plant Reproduction, Plants, Plants and Animals, Predicting with Data, Rules, Rules and Government, Safety, Senses, Sort and Classify, Subtraction, Storms, Symbols, Telling Time, The Environment, Then and Now, Tools and Technology, Transportation, Using Graphs Maps and Charts, Using Maps, Water and Weather, Weather and Seasons, World Communities
Developmental Category Emergent, Emergent/Early, Early, Early/Fluent, Fluent