Anchor Comprehension Workshop School-Wide 3-6 HTML5 Interactive e-Book Subscription

School-Wide 3-6 Anchor Comprehension Workshop HTML5 Interactive e-Book Subscription - 1 year


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SKU WW-X04925
Grade 3 - 6
Language English
SKU WW-X04925
Grade 3 - 6
Language English
Content Area Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
ISBN 9781078659420
ELL Level 5
Genre Biography, Fables, Fairy Tales, Fiction, Historical Fiction, informational Reports, Informational Texts, Journals, Memoirs, Mystery, Myths and Legends, Personal Narratives, Persuasive Essays, Persuasive Letters, Plays, Pourquoi Tales, Procedural Text, Realistic Fiction, Reviews, Science Fiction, Tall Tales, Trickster Tales
Format Online Subscription
Lexile level NP - 1150L
Configuration Grade Level/Range Set
Theme 19th Century Communities, 20th Century History, All About Me, Ancient Civilizations, Arts and Culture, Being a Good Citizen, Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship, Civics and Citizenship, Civilizations of the Americas, Communities, Early Explorers, Early River Civilizations, Earth and Space, Ecology, Economics, Electricity and Magnetism, Families and Friends, Forces and Motion, Geography, Government and Citizenship, Government, Habitats, Historical Communities, Invention and Technology, Life on Earth, Light and Sound, Matter, Meteorology, Narrative Fiction, Native Americans, Organisms, Our Physical World, Past and Present, People Who Changed Our World, Plants, Plants and Animals, Process of Science, Regions of the United States, Resources, Rocks and Minerals, Scientific Achievements, Settling America, The American Revolution, The Civil War, The Constitution, The Environment, The Human Body, The Renaissance, The Universe, United States History, Water and Weather, World Communities, World Cultures, World Geography
Developmental Category Fluent