"We-Do" Writing: Maximizing Practice to Develop Independent Writers Professional Development Book

AVAILABLE MAY 2021 Your writing lesson was well-modeled, clear, and engaging, but your students were still at a loss when it came time to write independently. Why? There’s a good chance your kids needed more time in the “We-Do” phase of the gradual release model. In this book, Leah shows you how to maximize practice and coaching to better prepare students to write meaningfully on their own. Through the use of uncomplicated structures and systems, she walks you through choosing the right level of support for various teacher goals and student needs. You will get guidance on how to: • Identify the components of effective writing • Use specific writing techniques or “sessions” in your daily planning • Differentiate strategies by grade level and student development • Improve classroom collaboration • Build flexibility when responding to students in the moment Some great writers are born, but many more are made. Allow We-Do Writing to help you nurture young writers by providing them with the skills and confidence to soar.
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Language English
ISBN 9781078662673
Series PD Essentials