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Literacy Collections

Strategies, best practices, and guidance from renowned experts, designed for educators at all levels, that empower students to read and write successfully.

PD Essentials Literacy Collections offer detailed skills and strategies in a series of thematic sets of books and Study Guides, promoting collaboration, reflection, discussion, and application of learning.

Comprehensive Literacy Collection

Strategies, best practices, and guidance to literacy instruction from renowned literacy experts, for educators at all levels.

  • Phonics
  • Writing
  • Small-Group
  • Whole-Group

Foundational Skills Literacy Collection

Expert guidance on teaching developing foundational literacy skills that empower students to read and write successfully

  • Phonics
  • Interactive Writing
  • Independent Writing
  • Reading Fluency

Intervention Literacy Collection

Research-based tools assembled by expert authors to help teachers confront the challenges of improving reading outcomes

  • Small Group
  • Striving Readers
  • Reading Fluency
  • Conquering Dyslexia

Engaging Readers Literacy Collection

Research-based tools teaching approaches that ensure effective reader strategies

  • Reader's Notebooks
  • Reading Assessment
  • Reading Fluency
  • Diverse Texts
  • Reading Best Practices

Writing Literacy Collection

A wealth of background research and classroom experiences from expert authors that helps enhance, improve, or reform writing instruction

  • Writing
  • Interactive Writing
  • Independent Writing
  • Informational Writing

    Multilingual Literacy Collection

    Essential information about literacy instruction, language development, and teaching strategies, to elevate educator and student performance

  • Reading Assessment
  • Small Group
  • Student Agency
  • Striving Readers

Classroom Environment – Early Childhood Literacy Collection

Practical guidance for educators and caregivers to understand critical needs of early childhood and methods for teaching effective behaviors

  • Early Learning Routines
  • Respectful Communication

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