Reycraft Books Gr. 1-6 Knowledge Strand History, Culture & Society Hardcover - 42 Titles

Promote student learning of history, culture and society through a diverse collection of books. Includes Teacher Guides for each title.

  • 43 Teacher's Guides
  • My Hands Tell a Story
  • Blood Brothers
  • The Powwow Treasure
  • The Reluctant Storyteller
  • The Legend of the Spirit Serpent
  • The Story of Morin Khuur
  • My Dragon Boat Festival
  • Oil-Paper Umbrella
  • Chasing Bigfoot
  • Konoba
  • Once Upon a Time There Was an Elephant
  • I Feel That Way, Too!
  • Sunday with Savta
  • One Land, Many Nations: Volume 1
  • The Powwow Dog
  • Spotted Tail
  • Woodpecker Girl
  • Dragon's Hometown
  • Grandma and the Rooster
  • Rou and the Great Race
  • Cuthbert Grant
  • The Powwow Thief
  • The Three Monks
  • I Am Hua Mulan
  • A Tour of Hong Kong
  • Rice
  • Magic Mirror: The Secret of Cold Mountain
  • Magic Mirror: The Visionary Voyage
  • Magic Mirror: The Tomb of Time
  • Magic Mirror: The Traveler's Tale Trade Book
  • Magic Mirror: The Wall of Willows
  • Magic Mirror: The Scroll Quest
  • Magic Mirror: Prince of Tricks
  • Let's Eat Bugs!
  • Sweet Laba Congee
  • The Musician
  • Saving Granddaddy's Stories: Ray Hicks, the Voice of Appalachia
  • Ambush!
  • She Sang for the Mountains: The Story of Singer, Songwriter, Songwriter, Activist Jean Ritchie
  • Dolley Madison, the White House, and the Big Tornado
  • Sunakali the Messi of the Himalayas
  • Bahar, the Lucky


Reycraft Books,
Grade 1 - 6
Language English
Series Reycraft Books,
Grade 1 - 6
Language English
ISBN 9781478882893
Format Print
Lexile level NP - 1550L
Configuration Trade Book Set
Theme Culture, Growing Up in Tough Times, Myths from Long Ago and Far Away, Narrative Fiction, World Cultures