Reycraft Books Tales Hardcover Collection - 24 Titles

An illustrated collection of tales containing stories of adventure and folklore. Includes Teacher Guides for each title.

  • 25 Teacher's Guides
  • The Reluctant Storyteller 
  • A Lovely Journey
  • The Legend of the Coquí 
  • Fabulous Families
  • Look at You! Look at the Mess You've Made!
  • The Story of Morin Khuur 
  • Across the River
  • Grandpa and Me
  • Chasing Bigfoot
  • There Was an Old Dog Who Needed a Nap 
  • Konoba
  • Once Upon a Time There Was an Elephant 
  • The Song of Little Stone 
  • Gray Bunny's Great Adventure  
  • The Second Race of Rabbit and Tortoise
  • The Crow Brothers
  • Two Wool Gloves 
  • The Radish is Back 
  • The Elephant That Ate the Night 
  • The Three Monks  
  • I Am Hua Mulan 
  • Bahar, the Lucky 
  • Paratou, the Umbrella  
  • Six Short Sons
Reycraft Books,
Grade 1 - 5
Language English
Series Reycraft Books,
Grade 1 - 5
Language English
ISBN 9781478882671
Genre Animal Fantasy, Fables, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Novel, Realistic Fiction
Format Print
Lexile level 490L - HL660L
Configuration Trade Book Set
Theme American Experiences, Animals, Civilizations of the Americas, Communities, Courage in Hard Times, Culture, Fairy Tales All Around, Families and Friends, Myths from Long Ago and Far Away, Narrative Fiction, Native American Voices, Native Americans, Storybook Lessons for Life, The Environment, I Communicate and Collaborate, I am Self-Aware