Reycraft Books Nonfiction Hardcover Collection - 18 Titles

Meet student interest with this diverse collection of nonfiction text. Includes Teacher Guides for each title.

  • 18 Teacher’s Guides 
  • Hatari! Danger!
  • Footprints Across the Planet
  • Ribbit! The Truth About Frogs
  • Woof! The Truth About Dogs
  • Scurry! The Truth About Spiders
  • I Feel That Way, Too
  • One Land, Many Nations: Volume 1
  • Spotted Tail
  • One Summer Night
  • Cuthbert Grant
  • The Wooden Treasure
  • Rice
  • Let's Eat Bugs!
  • Whooo Knew? The Truth About Owls
  • Saving Granddaddy's Stories: Ray Hicks, the Voice of Appalachia
  • She Sang for the Mountains: The Story of Singer, Songwriter, Activist Jean Ritchie
  • Dolley Madison, the White House, and the Big Tornado 
  • Sunakali the "Messi of the Himalayas" 
Reycraft Books,
Grade 2 - 6
Language English
Series Reycraft Books,
Grade 2 - 6
Language English
ISBN 9781478882657
Genre Biography, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Informational Texts, Narrative, Realistic Fiction
Format Print
Lexile level NP - AD620L
Configuration Trade Book Set
Theme Animal Behavior, Animal Life Cycles, Animals, Biography, Culture, Earth and Space, Food for Health, Health and Nutrition, Historical Biographies, Life on Earth, Looking Back, Looking Ahead, Narrative Fiction, Native American Voices, Native Americans, Oral Traditions, Process of Science, The American Revolution, Words Shape Our World, World Cultures