Reycraft Books Gr. K-5 Asian Hardcover Collection - 61 Titles

Explore the values, traditions, and folktakes of diverse Asian cultures through these stories from the Asian authors and illustrators. Includes Teacher's Guides for each title.

  • 61 Teacher Guides 
  • I Love You
  • The Deer's Antler Tree
  • It's Okay
  • Let's Swap for a Day
  • A Lovely Journey
  • Ant in a Book
  • One Afternoon
  • I Want To...
  • The Tree Told Me
  • Papa's Little Truck
  • Look at You! Look at the Mess You've Made!
  • The Story of Morin Khuur
  • Across the River
  • Grandpa and Me
  • When Fish and Bird Meet
  • My Dragon Boat Festival
  • Chick, Chick, Peep, Peep, Peep
  • Oil-Paper Umbrella
  • Raining
  • Once Upon a Time There Was an Elephant
  • The Song of Little Stone
  • The Little Car
  • Gray Bunny's Great Adventure
  • The Second Race of Rabbit and Tortoise
  • Little Bunny's Balloon
  • Woodpecker Girl
  • The Crow Brothers
  • Two Wool Gloves
  • The Puppet's Smile
  • Black Cat, Yellow Bunny
  • Dragon's Hometown
  • Grandma and the Rooster 
  • Rou and the Great Race
  • Little Koko Bear and His Socks
  • The Radish is Back
  • Jujube and Willow
  • Dandan's Dream
  • A Pouch for Pocket
  • The Magician
  • The Elephant That Ate the Night
  • Happy Little Sun
  • The Three Monks
  • Sights and Sounds of Summer
  • A Bicycle in Beijing
  • I Am Hua Mulan
  • A Tour of Hong Kong
  • The Wooden Treasure
  • Rice
  • Dreams of a Pencil
  • Sweet Laba Congee
  • Little Frog's Big Mouth
  • The Musician
  • Lemon Butterfly
  • Ambush!
  • The Orange Horse
  • Little Thief! Chota Chor!
  • Six Short Sons
  • Sunakali the "Messi of the Himalayas"
Reycraft Books,
Grade K - 5
Language English
Series Reycraft Books,
Grade K - 5
Language English
ISBN 9781478882312
Format Print
Lexile level NP - 1550L
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