Reycraft Books Animals Hardcover Collection - 45 Titles

For those who enjoy furry friends or pets, these delightfully illustrated books feature animal stories. Includes Teacher's Guides for each title. 

  • 45 Teacher’s Guides 
  • Perfect Partners
  • Hatari! Danger!
  • Footprints Across the Planet
  • Ribbit! The Truth About Frogs
  • The Lost Kitten
  • The Deer’s Antler Tree
  • Wolf Cub’s Song
  • Let’s Swap for a Day 
  • The Legend of the Coquí
  • Woof! The Truth About Dogs 
  • Love on a Plate 
  • Fabulous Families
  • The Story of Morin Khuur
  • Across the River
  • All But One
  • When Fish and Bird Meet
  • Chick, Chick, Peep, Peep, Peep
  • There Was an Old Dog Who Needed a Nap
  • Scurry! The Truth About Spiders
  • Konoba
  • Raining
  • Once Upon a Time There Was an Elephant 
  • The Song of the Little Stone
  • Gray Bunny’s Great Adventure 
  • The Second Race of Rabbit and Tortoise
  • The Powwow Dog
  • Little Bunny’s Balloon
  • The Crow Brothers
  • Two Wool Gloves 
  • One Summer Night
  • Black Cat, Yellow Bunny
  • Little Koko Bear and His Sock 
  • The Radish is Back
  • The Powwow Thief
  • A Pouch for Pocket
  • The Magician
  • The Elephant That Ate the Night
  • Happy Little Sun
  • Sights and Sounds of Summer
  • Let's Eat Bugs
  • Little Frog’s Big Mouth
  • Whooo Knew? The Truth About Owl
  • Lemon Butterfly
  • The Orange Horse
  • A Summer Night Concert
Reycraft Books,
Grade K - 5
Language English
Series Reycraft Books,
Grade K - 5
Language English
ISBN 9781478882299
Genre Animal Fantasy, Fables, Fiction, Graphic Story, Informational Texts, Realistic Fiction
Format Print
Lexile level NP - AD620L
Configuration Trade Book Set
Theme Animal Behavior, Animal Life Cycles, Animals, Arts and Culture, Communities, Counting, Courage in Hard Times, Culture, Earth and Space, Fairy Tales All Around, Families and Friends, Food for Health, Health and Nutrition, Life on Earth, Looking Back, Looking Ahead, Myths from Long Ago and Far Away, Narrative Fiction, Plants and Animals, Process of Science, Storybook Lessons for Life, We Get Along, Weather and Seasons, I Have Feelings, I Get Along with Others, I Communicate and Collaborate, I am Self-Aware, I Build Positive Relationships, I Treat Others Well