Read Aloud Classics Lap Books

Read Aloud Classics Lap Books

Build Oral Language Skills with Diverse Literary Genres

Develop visual, aural, and verbal skill as you introduce diverse literary genres with 30 classic stories from around the world. Topic sets each contain three full-color illustrated lap books (16 pages, 10" x 10").

  • Standards-based prompts include real-world connections.
  • Engaging illustrations stimulate imagination and storytelling.
  • Comprehension questions explore story elements.
  • Background detail, new vocabulary call-out, and Before, During, and After Reading prompts are provided for every story.
  • Language development tips included for educators and parents.

Ten Child-Friendly Groupings

Lap Books Support Early Learning Curricula

Myself and My Family

We Get Along

My Neighborhood


Staying Healthy

My Five Senses




Growing Things

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