Early Learning Flip Charts

Early Learning Flip Charts

Unique flip charts with reusable write-on/wipe-off pages (15” x 20 ½”) develop skills and make learning fun.

Build phonemic awareness, oral language skills, and print concepts with fun characters and games.

Learn essential sight words and use them to decode new words. Develop early reading skills with classic nursery rhymes and songs. And increase social and emotional competencies with speaking, drawing, and writing prompts.

  • Colorful pages with fun characters and photos engage children.
  • Small-group activities and games make learning fun.
  • Step-by-step teacher/parent instructions facilitate teaching and learning.

Write-On/Wipe-Off Activity Pages That Introduce Each Letter of the Alphabet

Kids go wild for letter learning with this animal-themed flip chart—26 pages in all—the purr...fect circle time activity!

  • A playful way to help students recognize and name initial letters, link letters and sounds, build oral language vocabulary, and develop concepts about print.
  • Features step-by-step instructions for teaching phonemic awareness, letter formation, short and long vowels, and more.

24 Write-On/Wipe-Off Activity Pages That Teach Key Sight Words

Reinforce 12 key sight words with a flip of the wrist! Begin on page one, reading the repetitive sentence frame that features the selected sight word. Then flip to page two for exercises encouraging students to recognize, spell, and write that word.

  • Teach phonemic awareness, individual letter-sound relationships, the concept of a word, and key sight words in a highly engaging, interactive way.
  • Practice the words students see in sentences and texts and use sight words to decode new words.

24 Classic Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Building Early Reading Skills

Tune in to early reading skills with this flip chart featuring the words of 24 classic nursery rhymes and songs—an engaging way to help young students build early reading skills, including phonemic awareness, sound/symbol relationships, sight word recognition, oral language vocabulary, and more.

  • Spiral-bound write-on/wipe-off pages, 15" x 20 1⁄2" each, contain colorful activities—write, wipe, and reuse again and again!
  • Chart features sight words, rhyming and repeating words, and letters and sounds for each song or rhyme
  • Kids can use a dry-erase pen to circle words or letters in each lesson.
  • Includes fun extension ideas, learning games, and group activities
  • Step-by-step teacher instructions provided
  • Perfect for morning message, circle time, center and small-group lessons, and EL students

24 Write-On/Wipe-off Activity Pages That Help Children Develop Social & Emotional Intelligence

Increase emotional intelligence with this flip chart designed to help children identify their feelings and learn to express themselves appropriately! Chart covers key social and emotional themes.

  • Introduces positive character traits including persistence, planning, confidence, and motivation
  • Reinforces the importance of positive social and emotional expression in everyday life.
  • Includes drawing and writing extension activities that help children to express thoughts and feelings

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