English Language Development

English Language Development

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Benchmark Education creates impactful materials that teach core and supplemental language and content to English Learners. Five essential principles are adhered to in the development of programs, instruction, and support for English Learners:

  1. Teach language as a meaning-making resource to equip language learners with the ability to make language choices.
  2. Teach an expanded notion of grammar that encompasses discourse, text structure, syntax, and vocabulary in context.
  3. Teach the acquisition of language as a nonlinear, dynamic, spiraling, and complex social process.
  4. Teach language development focused on interaction, collaboration, comprehension, and communication.
  5. Teach complex texts and intellectually challenging activities intent on building content knowledge.

Our goal always is to make teaching language a more effective and efficient process aimed at making complex texts accessible. Student grade-level texts are not simplified, but instead amplified, by adding additional visual support and precise labeling.

Instruction is scaffolded by:

  • Including language objectives, EL differentiation, and Formative Assessment
  • Identifying instruction that is both linguistically and cognitively demanding
  • Providing differentiated support by level of language intensity
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