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Explore Benchmark Education Programs Aligned to Use of ESSER Funds

Foundational Skills

Build Foundational Skills with Explicit, Systematic Instruction

Benchmark Education’s phonics programs ensure mastery with a focus on practice through reading and writing application that builds students’ knowledge and vocabulary. Developed on Science of Reading research, these structured literacy approaches make phonics meaningful. 

Dynamite Decodables

You’ve never seen decodable readers like these:

  • Decodable readers students both can and want to read.
  • Build knowledge about the world reading decodable texts.
  • Include explicit instruction and family connections.

Decodable Fluency Builders

Build fluency, develop comprehension, and apply phonics skills for Grades K-1+

  • Build fluency with high-quality titles for authentic decoding experiences
  • Develop reading comprehension by combining phonics, high-frequency words, and language comprehension work in accountable texts
  • Apply skills for transfer with meaningful application to reading, writing, listening, and speaking

BEC Decodables​​ 

Instructive, Comprehensible, and Engaging Texts​

  • Instructive books practice phonics skills in an explicit, systematic, & spiraled way.​Spiral review and repetition build mastery.​
  • Comprehensible texts incorporate natural sounding speech and sentence patterns.​
  • Engaging and interesting stories with vivid design ignite students’ desire to read.

Grade 2 Decodable Passages

Build Automaticity with Decodable Reading Practice

  • Delivers 60 decodable passages for phonics & foundational skills applications in one convenient text
  • Consumable format allows student mark ups and annotations while practicing decoding
  • Aligns to 10 knowledge-building topics to build language comprehension.
  • Available in 6-pack and 30-pack sets for small group or whole group instruction

Benchmark Phonics

Comprehensive Tiers 1 and 2 phonics program.

  • Systematic scope and sequence with explicit instruction
  • Authentic decoding and encoding practice
  • Built-in scaffolds supports a wide range of learner

StartUp BuildUp SpiralUp Phonics

Skill-Specific Phonics Solution

Grab-and-go skills bags deliver effective and efficient instruction in an easily organized solution. ​


  • Explicit phonics lessons with spiral review support the Science of Reading research and tenets of Structured Literacy.​
  • New, engaging, and beautifully designed decodable readers were created under the guidance of phonics expert Wiley Blevins.​
  • Flexible resource in a grab-and-go format supports multiple school needs while delivering tailored, student-centered instruction.

Phonics Intervention

Explicit, Systematic Phonics Support for Students Performing Below Grade Level​

  • Spiral review and repetition build mastery.​

  • Multi-modal, cumulative instruction fosters language learning​
  • A wealth of decodable texts for student practice and repetition​
  • Underscore the direct correlation between understanding of math vocabulary and positive reading test scores
  • Flexible, providing options to customize the pace, intensity, and focus of learning as needed​